Africom Health

Digital health solutions for a digital age

Africom health is a service that seeks to use telemedicine to provide access to health services.

Our ECG DONGLE and Cloud Service allows patients or doctors to take ECG tests from any location through the use of software and smartphones with internet access and get the opinion of an expert cardiologist based on test results.

What it does ,


It can be used to provide specialized consultation to patients in under-served, rural or remote locations

It provides access to the expertise of medical specialists to the larger population without physical referral

Reduce the number of visits to hospitals for long term follow ups and monitor health at home

Access to ECG test results offline as well as real-time

Access to patient history

Faster treatment of patients, patients do not have to wait to get tests done


“The application allows you to record real-time heart dynamics including heart rate and level of tension (stress)“

Certified Cardiologists