(Local) MasweraSei

We take pride in the market for being known as the partner for affordable voice solutions. Over the years, we had boasted about our CDMA technology network which had network coverage for most cities and towns across the nation. However, CDMA limited our ability to reach each and every one of you as the technology required users to have CDMA capable handsets of which most consumers use GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). As a solution, we developed a VOIP application called MasweraSei which allows users to access our most affordable voice services with any smartphone which allows users to call any local Zimbabwean number (landline or mobile)


How it Works

1.       Download

MasweraSei is currently available for download on the Google Play Store


2.       Registration & Verification – Verify your number using the OTP SMS (One Time Pin) code that is sent to the number which you registered with.

3.       Top Up

You can buy airtime from any Africom shop or distributor as well as via our social media handles using our Ecocash merchant number 75446

4.       Start Calling

When you call, you will be allocated an Africom 8644 number that will appear to the person receiving the call. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and keep the conversation going. Very soon you will be able to start receiving calls on MasweraSei


Voice Bundles  – Valid 30 Days

$240 ZWL 45 minutes

$360 ZWL 100 minutes

$600 ZWL 200 minutes

Support: maswerasei@afri-com.net


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Q: Do I need an Africom SIM to use MasweraSei?

A: No You do not need an Africom Sim card

Q: Does the receiver of the call need to have data to receive a call?

A: No only the caller needs to have a stable internet connection to call whether wifi or mobile data

Q: Does the receiver need MasweraSei app to connect the call?

A: No, only the caller needs the app to make and successfully connect