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Network Audit

The Network Optimisation Assessment was designed to provide quality network performance statistics, along with actionable recommendations, quickly. The assessment is delivered in three phases:

  • Discover
  • Construct
  • Recommend
Network statistics collection

We deploy an appliance onto the network that collects performance data for a defined period. This is the core part of the discover phase, and the information gathered forms the basis of the report that’s generated from the assessment.

Business interview

The business interview is used to gather information on the business applications in use, as well as the organisation’s strategy related to consolidation, virtualisation, mobility, new business applications and a number of other areas that affect network performance.

Technical interview

The technical interview is used to gather information related to the size and complexity of the network, as well as the views related to performance measurement and support
philosophy. Specific network issues are highlighted, where applicable.

During the construct phase, Africom analyses the data collected during the discovery phase and begins preparing its report.

Using the information gathered in the discover and construct phases, Africom utilises its expertise in protocols, networking, data centres and applications to make recommendations on how network performance can be improved. We compile a detailed report, containing information on the traffic patterns that exist on the network, along with recommendations for performance improvement.